I was chained to sentiment, but obsessed with the future. Resolute in rekindling my spirit with the present while simultaneously trying to preserve the craters of the past. Married to the present, forced to adhere my wits to the current moment whilst in an unrequited love of the unkempt and messy future.

It was only upon further reflection that I accepted the blight of existing in the present only to yearn for the future and past. It was within this revelation I realized that living in the loving embrace of the present was a fundamental requisite of life. But alas, after falling in love with the moments at my feet, understanding the gift that the current moment actually is, it escapes me, invariably, like the air from my toiled lungs. The perpetual pattern is inevitable essential for survival, taking in new moments with my only intent to expend their worth and exhaust the remnants into a mental reservoir. I am only but a small rock thrown in a rapidly moving river, bracing against the currents, growing with the supplementary existence of life around me, until I inevitably wither into the grandeur of the endless ocean. I am as all life is, an entity bred from particulates into a singularity, only to dissipate and scatter back into the form the universe originally intended.


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