Cherry Pie Baby

My cherry pie baby.
Fuck me up and fuck my heart.
A drive-by nut bust
On a road of weed and stardust.

She got a Nissan,
Bumper with a peace sign.
Two fingers in the mean time
Panic and pissed off,
Little dicky can’t get off,
‘Cause 6 o’clock’s a little early for midnight
And she’s too drunk to be cross eyed.
Shoulda used foresight,
This night would never go right.

Use my hand to get that moan,
That hip swing and cherry pie bone.
Walk into the wash to get this hot balloon up,
Naked girl in the bed still ain’t enough.
Leave her alone 45 minutes,
Can’t get up how the fuck I’m gonna get in it?

Play it cool and sly,
Blame it on the high,
Say it wasn’t you
And that next time I’ll make your dreams come true.


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