I was chained to sentiment, but obsessed with the future. Resolute in rekindling my spirit with the present while simultaneously trying to preserve the craters of the past. Married to the present, forced to adhere my wits to the current moment whilst in an unrequited love of the unkempt and messy future. It was only … More split

No. 246

My drink’s mixed, wow. Feelings mixed now. It’s black out I’m blacked out. Can’t think right Got a cheap bride I just might. It just might We kiss how? She’s fixed vows. She’s down south Gotta re-route. Call it love now. I’m done now. Too drawn out. It’s dawn out… It’s dawn out… It’s dawn … More No. 246

Love Poem #48273

Oh, my love, I am the Earth And you are the seasons. I am the questions, And you are the reasons. You are warm and sweet, Like the summer breeze That whispers me to sleep And weakens my knees. Oh, my love. My love, Do you have any idea What you mean to me? I … More Love Poem #48273


I cried today I cried under the overpass Over the end of wonder. I cried with the rain With the stars and thunder. I cried because I needed to I cried alone because I wanted to. As the vulnerability spiked I felt a wane of light Oh, what wonder crying is for the soul. Keeping … More Over

Girl Crush

I read poetry Poems, I mean. 10 and 1000 years old, Strange enough… I read them, The poems that is, And they’re all about you. The pretty girl with no name. The kind face, soft skin, Sweet creature That walks before me in the morning. Little do you know, How little I even know, Of … More Girl Crush

Rocky IV

I didn’t care Why you were here Only that you were. We’ll make it home Eventually. Four of us, Three of us, Two of us Gliding a whitewashed street Drunk, and seeing stars Cold, but you’re in my arms. We didn’t care, Where we would go Tell the driver Take it slow. We’ll make it … More Rocky IV


I do not love you Except because I love you. I love you intrinsically, Without question. I do not love you because you are far away, Or because You were once mine. I love you Because It is the only thing I know. In this life of mine I was born Loving you. And I … More PN