Cigarette Sex

She gave me a ring Only because she’s lonely But that’s enough. No clothes and no love. 9 rounds in the ring Gloves are off Round 4 she starts to sing But there’s no rush. A couple drinks that’s enough, I’m deep now still no love Oh Love, The things you say hurt to touch. … More Cigarette Sex

high on u

My love. My heart. My everything. Do you see how much you mean to me? An extension of myself, Reaching further in than my arms ever could. Oh honey baby, My blonde narcotic. My brown-eyed sweetheart. I wish I could tell you how I feel. How I really FEEL. The thoughts that run to me … More high on u


Listen to me, boy. Get in close And lay your head Would we not be stuck in life Had we not wandered? Would we not be wet And take off our Converse Only to dry the threads Are we not warmed In between the cool From the fire of each other’s storms Get near me … More Boy

Lunar Eclipse

There was a dark spot On my mind Casting a shadow On my solar powered line So, I looked to the light Blinded by asking why When t’was only the shadow Of my homemade monarch butterfly